The Team

Rob Warren

[ Project Leader, British-American ]

Originally from Manchester, UK, Rob is a lecturer of political science and media studies. He took over leadership of the IEP in 2014, taking AAU students to Brazil, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka; winning best course with the IEP in 2016. Outside of class, Rob can be found reading in Prague’s cafes or DJing by night.





Elizabeth Novacek

[ Project Coordinator, Canadian ]

Upon graduating with a BA in International Relations, Elizabeth has worked with local government in rural Canada and an urban development NGO in Cape Town. Now, she works at the junction between education and careers with AAU’s Career Center. Connecting people and projects, horse back riding, and collecting tea towels from around the world are a few of her favorite things. She also loved a good braai and equitable public transportation.  




Patricia Abel

[ BA Humanities, Society & Culture, American ]

Originally from San Jose, California, Patty first came to Prague for a month-long journalism internship at Ya-Ty Magazine. She is passionate about creative writing, ceramics, music, travelling, and reading international literature. In Cape Town, she plans to pursue research about  young Capetonians’ ideas and identity, and the positive formative spaces and opportunities that are being created in the face of challenges like a shortage of jobs and housing and residual racism from the legacy of apartheid and colonialism.



Megan Chotrani

[ BA Humanities, Society & Culture, Indian-Sri Lankan ]

Having grown up in the United Arab Emirates, her childhood was full of travel to not only her home countries but to different parts of the globe. That is when her passion for learning about different cultures and histories began. Megan enjoys writing; both academic and creative as well as hiking, scuba diving, surfing and reading. In the spring of 2019, she completed a three month internship in India. She hopes that her trip to South Africa will give her the chance to learn about the issues that South Africans face as well as their history and unique culture.​


Karina Eneva

[ BA Humanities, Society & Culture, Bulgarian ]

Karina is on a journey and at the end of which she hopes to create a place for herself somewhere between art and academia. Currently, she is in the process of immersing herself in different spaces and exploring how different societies and people experience and look at the world. Karina is passionate about music, writing and filmmaking, combining their different forms whenever possible. She hopes that this year’s IEP in Cape Town will not only help her expand her knowledge of the world, but will also provide her with the opportunity to become a better and braver storyteller.


Tiziana Heck

[ BA Humanities, Society & Culture, German ]

Tiziana mostly grew up Germany, but also in New Zealand and Brazil which has provided her experiences of adapting to different cultures. In Porto Alegre, Brazil, she volunteered in a local kindergarten, and in Prague she interned with the NGO, Centrum Narovinu. Additionally, Tiziana cares deeply about animal welfare and living sustainably. She enjoys the journey of constantly working on her personal growth and taking others’ perspectives. She feels great joy when outdoors or (solo) travelling. Tiziana believes that through IEP she can develop her leadership skills to build greater academic as well as intercultural confidence.


Jovan Markovic

[ BA Business Administration- Marketing & Communications Emphasis, Serbian ]

Having spent most of his life in Belgrade, Serbia, Jovan moved to Prague when he was 19. Coming out of his freshman year, Jovan was looking for a way to challenge himself and broaden his horzons. He joined the IEP project to stepping out of his comfort zone and exposing himself to a completely new culture. Always trying to learn more about the world and himself, Jovan is hoping this project will aid him in discovering and developing communication and leadership skills. When not in school you can usually find this man at the basketball courts or on his couch with a crime novel in hand.

Matej Moleš​

[ BA International Relations, Czech ]

Homegrown in Liberec, Matej has become a healthy adult and found his passions in music, sustainability, and board sports, particularly surfing. To his delight, he found out that surfing unites all these things, and he has dedicated the last couple of years to chasing waves around the world. He hopes the IEP in South Africa will help him improve his cross-cultural communication and embrace different perspectives. Lastly, he hopes to hear great music, make good friends and catch some hollow waves.


Katerina Ratajová

[ BA Business Administration, Czech ]

For Kate, she the IEP will provide an “energy booster” course before the last semester which lays ahead of her. Having already studied in four different countries, she loves traveling – exploring foreign countries, making international friends, experiencing new cultures and others. Besides traveling she also enjoys hiking, playing tennis and other active recreational activities. Kate sees this project as an opportunity to bring learning through practice to a different level, and is especially stoked since she loves travelling so much.


Ksenia Sayfutdinova

[ MA International Relations/ Russian ]

Living with the philosophy “if not me who else would do it for me” and realizing that everyone has got their own reasons behind every action, responsibility and patience are very important to her. Her personal interests are travelling and people’s stories, and academically are political issues of states and human rights violations, which is what has drawn her this project; experiencing something out of her comfort zone while researching issues of the state.



Lea Strenge

[ BA Journalism & Communication, German ]

Born and raised in Frankfurt, Lea also volunteered there where she worked in a foster home while completing her first degree in Real Estate. She is interested in photography and martial arts that she both practices well over ten years at this point. Lea sees this project as a chance to broaden her horizon and experience a new culture from a unique angle.