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That Time I Almost Died

That was until Matej suddenly lost control of the bike. He swerved left then right and I grabbed his shoulders so tight I must’ve left bruises. My heart was gripped with panic, and I shut my eyes until I felt Matej stop on the side of the road right where it ended in a steep drop to the beach…

By Megan Chotrani July 14, 2019 Off

Morning Mantras of Muizenberg

Now that we have arrived at the third destination of our trip, a neighbourhood called Observatory, or ‘Obz’ by the locals, I felt like it was time to reflect on our very distinct morning routines during our week in Muizenberg. The town’s colourful seaside look allowed for a multitude of activities and was inviting us to forget about our work for just a second when we…

By Tiziana Heck July 8, 2019 Off