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That Time I Almost Died

That was until Matej suddenly lost control of the bike. He swerved left then right and I grabbed his shoulders so tight I must’ve left bruises. My heart was gripped with panic, and I shut my eyes until I felt Matej stop on the side of the road right where it ended in a steep drop to the beach…

By Megan Chotrani July 14, 2019 Off

Morning Mantras of Muizenberg

Now that we have arrived at the third destination of our trip, a neighbourhood called Observatory, or ‘Obz’ by the locals, I felt like it was time to reflect on our very distinct morning routines during our week in Muizenberg. The town’s colourful seaside look allowed for a multitude of activities and was inviting us to forget about our work for just a second when we…

By Tiziana Heck July 8, 2019 Off

Robben Island – Home of Seals and Survivors

Robben Island itself has changed its name as much as it has changed its purpose over the years. Today, the comparably small piece of land within the jurisdiction of Cape Town houses merely 200 living and over 1000 dead people that were exiled and left to die first from leprosy and later from the side effects of incarceration as political prisoners.

By Lea Strenge July 4, 2019 Off

Dreams of Wakanda

“I dream of a South Africa where the first entirely new city built in the democratic era rises, with skyscrapers, schools, universities, hospitals, and factories”   – Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Afirca, 20 June 2019   President Ramaphosa shared plans for future South Africa in his State of the Nation Address after being elected…

By matej moles July 3, 2019 2