Author: Tiziana Heck

Formalising the Informal with Alfredo Brillembourg

His solution of practical urban housing was first redirected in Caracas, which experienced a housing crisis followed by a revolution in 1992. Brillembourg took that as inspiration to focus his work as a designer and an architect on upgrading informal settlements which strive to build and unite communities through affordable, transformative and creative design…

By Tiziana Heck October 11, 2019 Off

Morning Mantras of Muizenberg

Now that we have arrived at the third destination of our trip, a neighbourhood called Observatory, or ‘Obz’ by the locals, I felt like it was time to reflect on our very distinct morning routines during our week in Muizenberg. The town’s colourful seaside look allowed for a multitude of activities and was inviting us to forget about our work for just a second when we…

By Tiziana Heck July 8, 2019 Off